Overview The research carried out in the Hierarchical Design And Characterization (HiDAC) lab is broadly concerned with modeling, experimentally characterizing, simulating, and hierarchically designing structures and materials. The specific areas of focus at the present time are:

  • Developing novel computational techniques for problems involving moving boundaries, discontinuities and interfaces.  An outcome of this research is the Hierarchical Partition of Unity Field Compositions (HPFC) that enable meshless modeling of moving boundaries, discontinuities and interfaces using identical parameterizations of geometrical shape, material distribution and behavior.

  • Modeling fracture and failure in nano- and micro-scale electronic devices, components and assemblies. The focus is on experimentally characterizing and modeling the complex time-dependent thermal and thermo-mechanical behaviors that lead to monotonic as well as fatigue fracture initiation and propagation. Specific structures under consideration include metallic as well as dielectric thin films and solder interconnections.